Friday, April 24, 2015

Mommies on fleek*

I thought I would share some photos of mommies who have style that I admire. What I love about Naomi Watts is her ability to be comfortable and still look pulled together. Easy pieces put together thoughtfully. I see quite a few trends-boyfriend jeans, Birkenstocks, printed pants, Vans & overalls. What can we learn from Naomi? Sunglasses, crossbody bags, comfy shoes and a hat will get everywhere! Who inspires you?

*isn't this what the kids are saying these days?

Friday, April 17, 2015

mommy & me: Lilly Pulitzer for Target

mommy & me

"These clothes make people happy. You feel happy wearing bright colors. It makes you smile. Who doesn't want to smile a little bit more these days?" @lillypulitzer

Mommy Satin Jumpsuit Boom Boom $38.00
Me Jumpsuit Boom Boom $26.00
Mommy Satin Dress Nosie Posey $38.00
Me Shift Dress Nosie Posey $26.00
Mommy Shift Dress See Ya Later $38.00
Me Shift Dress See Ya Later $26.00

Available @ Target this Sunday, April 19th!

Friday, April 10, 2015

how I shop

I love Nordstrom but for the most part they are out of my price range. I like to browse their kids collection to see what they are featuring and how they style their models (I do that at J.Crew too!) The other day I saw this Mini Boden sweatshirt and really liked it but at $38 bucks NO way!

I headed over to the actual Boden website to look for the sweatshirt (I kinda stalk their clearance section on the regular) and whadayaknow it's here! 40% off that $38 dollar Nordstrom price brings it in at $22.80! Boden clothes are really handmedown-able (new word I just made up there) so I don't think twice about a $23 sweatshirt. My only problem here is I do NOT like paying for shipping. EVER. 

SO. I head to google and search for "boden coupon code" to see if I can find a promo code for free shipping. I won't spend a long time doing this, usually I'll just try a couple different codes but I would say 8 times out of 10 I'll find one. Sometimes if I can't find a code for free shipping, I'll skip buying altogether (YES, HUSBAND IT's TRUE!!!) In this case I found a few different codes and gave them a shot! 

Success! It was a code for 15% off and free shipping.  I didn't get an additional 15% (but that's not unheard of) but I did get that free shipping I was looking for so I went for it! In the end I saved $15.20 not too shabby! Look for this sweatshirt on the blog soon, if this kind of post is helpful let me know and I will post more deals and codes as I find them! 

Friday, April 3, 2015

Old Navy Cuteness 2: ElectricBoogaloo

Last week I posted a few cute things from Old Navy.  Here's what I ordered and how Miss L can wear them. All the shoes and accessories are old but I will source them where I can.


Sweater: OLD NAVY, tee: H&M, tote: TARGET ONE SPOT, shoes: CONVERSE

Hat: TARGET ONE SPOT, vest: LANDS END, jean jacket: GAP, shoes: PUMA 

Friday, March 27, 2015

the one with the light up shoes

Every year around Easter my mother in law tells me she wants to take my kids shopping for "Easter shoes" I usually find my way out of this trip because we just don't have the same taste and I truly don't want to hurt her feelings. I'm not sure why she feels they need new shoes but it probably has something to do with the fact that I think Converse or Vans look cute with Easter clothes and I can pretty much assure you she thinks NOT. Little kids in dress clothes always look SO uncomfortable. The worst part of those uncomfortable looking clothes are the dress shoes. I hate them. They are just so shiny! I know I've said this here before but we are not fancy people. We don't go to church for Easter. The only people we see on the holiday are the same people we see all the time. I don't feel we need to dress to impress them, should the kids look cute? of course they should. I would rather buy them Easter clothes that they can get some use of, then a dressy dress or shiny shoes that are gonna sit in the back of the closet and never be worn again! Maybe that's just me. 

Why am I telling you this? I'm telling you this because over the weekend I was sick and my husband was out of town. The worst. My in-laws were wonderful and on Saturday they took my son for the night. (Shout out to all the grandparents for helping me this week!) When they returned my son on Sunday he was carrying a large bag from a shoe store. I braced myself a little, knowing they are probably the absolute shiniest shoes I've ever seen. BUT NO. I can only wish they were shiny, dressy Easter shoes. They are not. They are the DREADED light up shoes that my son has asked me for approximately 358 times. The shoes that "all the cool kids wear!" The shoes that I have said NO to 358 times. HOW did this happen?? Well, I guess my son was trying on the shiny shoes, spotted these and knowing that he has a certain kind of power over his grandparents that most kids have, he persuaded them into buying these. I know what your thinking. They are just shoes Tracy, calm the hell down. BUT not only do these shoes LIGHT up when you walk they also happen to be covered in SPIDERMAN! Blurg.

I kinda have a rule. OK. I have a lot of rules for dressing my kids. One of the biggies for me is no character stuff. Disney has enough money, they don't need mine. I tell my kids they can love My Little Pony all they want, they just aren't going to wear it. I fear I am coming off as a mommie dearest type mother here, I promise I am not!  I am not completely inflexible, I used to have a no sweatpants rule but now they have skinny sweats and styled the right way they are cute. Now my son wears them all the time. People CAN change! I love my son and I actually have a really hard time saying no to him too. He's a good boy. I get it Yiayia. The only thing I kept thinking is, if I let him keep these shoes I'm gonna have two daughters dripping head to toe in Anna and Elsa gear! No way. I'm sorry. I just can't do it. I'm the one that has to look at them all day! If you want to bring your kid to the grocery store in a gold lame Belle dress that's fine, I seriously have no problem with it on other kids. In the words of the fabulous Amy Poehler "Good for her! not for me" (or my kids).  If whoever it is that designs these character clothes tried to do it in a way that was interesting or maybe fashionable I might change my mind. In fact, come to think of it Teddy does have a really cool T-shirt with Superman on it. I found at Target a few years ago, it's by a company called LOVE + ART (the shirt in this link is actually cute too). I just googled to see if I could find a picture of it and came up with this picture of Zuma Rossdale wearing it. Cool. Right? 

Also, just because I find this incredible cute and in my opinion perfect for Easter. Converse, jeans, bow tie and a seersucker jacket, total cuteness! Zuma Rossdale is my new fashion idol! 

Sorry I got a little off topic there. Really this is about is the fact that I don't like light up shoes and I certainly don't like Spiderman shoes. So in a desperate attempt to make both my son and myself happy I googled "boys light up shoes" and came up with these. Puma Kids Speed Light Up V. Still a bit ugly but a much more acceptable (to me) pair of light up shoes. When you step down on the shoe the gray puma swipe lights up with little lightening bolts.

The best part my son loves them, they are cool enough for the 1st grade cool kids. The moral of the story is compromise is a good thing. You can find alternatives. In the end I happily skipped into the shoe store with Spiderman shoes and receipt in hand and returned those things before the boy could change his mind! Sorry Yiayia! And they lived happily ever after...Also, just so you know, I think wire hangers are perfectly fine. The End. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

dress up for Easter

For me, the only thing worse than going to the dentist is bringing any of my children clothes shopping. Worse than the actual clothes shopping itself is bringing that child into the fitting room and trying things on at the store. So I drag them to the store, buy some things and bring them home to try them on. Then I return the "losers" later.  For some reason this is less painful than being crammed into a cubicle with three kids, one usually crying because the "tag is TOO scratchy" oh and "he pushed me" or "I'm cold!!!" you get my drift.  Hopefully, this may save you some leg work. 

Carter's Sateen Geo Print dress $16.00
This first dress is from Carters it's really cute on the website but when we tried it on at home it seems to run big.  This is a 5T as you can see there is some bunched up fabric in the front of the dress and then a large amount of extra fabric in the back. So maybe buy a size down on this dress. Also, just an FYI I don't think I would describe this fabric as Sateen as they do in the description. 

Old Navy Blue Floral Patterned Sundress $13.00
The next dress is from Old Navy.  Lettie and I both liked the blue floral print right away. It's is made from 100% cotton and has a kind of linen texture to the fabric. The cut of this dress is very roomy which makes it comfortable and good for egg hunting.  Also, it looks cute with a cardigan which is pretty important for Easter in the midwest because you never know it could be 68 degrees or it could also be 32! (this is one of the main reasons I'm not a fan of Easter).

Target Raglan Floral Burst dress $20.00
This dress is from Target. When i saw it in the store I was immediatly drawn to the fabric, it's just so pretty. Other than the floral print it doesn't look like much on the hanger. I wasn't crazy about that little bow at the neck line (I can always rip that off) and the purple ribbon that is sewn on the waist line looked a little wonky. This dress might be too fancy for our celebrations but the fabric convinced me to bring it home and give it a shot.  When Lettie tried this on we both kinda loved it. One major strike against it is the color, we were looking for blue because she already has navy blue shoes. The shoes she's wearing in this photo are from last Easter and she's squeezed in those like Cinderellas step-sister! 

Gap Floral Border dress $34.95
This final dress is from Gap and in person it is so sweet, I feel like this photo and even the photo on the website just doesn't do it justice. It is a light baby blue with golden flowers that are traced in a graphite grey color. It's fully lined and made from a really nice soft 100% cotton. One nice thing about this dress is they also have a little sister version, same fabric different cut, which I love because it's not too matchy matchy.  

I hope this helps you with your Easter shopping!  I will post a picture of the "winner" after Easter.