Friday, May 22, 2015

dressing for a crowd.

My family is about take a trip this weekend that includes a plane ride. While it's always exciting to go on an adventure, it's pretty nerve wracking to travel with small children. A few things we do to insure we don't lose anyone along the way....

One is to dress the kids in a similar color. Here we are at Disney World last year. Function over fashion people!

The girls in matching yellow dresses and their brother in a close color match make them easy to spot in a crowd. My husband has had that awful Hawaiian shirt since we started dating 11 years ago. Needless to say it's not my favorite but again it's easy to find in a crowd. We made sure to mention to the kids that "Dad had that crazy Hawaiian shirt on again!" 

The best thing we did for our trip to Disney was had these bracelets made.

They simply say "if lost please call" and our cell number. Having children that are so young that they can't remember their phone number, this gave us peace of mind. The children were told that only mom or dad were allowed to take them off. I made them black because I didn't want them to look like a child's piece of jewelry and an adult hopefully would take notice. We have used these so many times over the past year, I think I paid about $20 for all 3, a great investment. We use them anytime we are in a crowd. I can assure you the kiddos will be wearing them at the airport tomorrow.

I hope everyone enjoys the long holiday weekend!

Friday, May 15, 2015


at the bus stop

LA Dodgers cap Lids
Backpack Vans
Jean Jacket Gap
Hoodie J Crew (similar)
Button Shirt Carters
Sneakers Vans

Friday, May 8, 2015

mommy & me: on a day trip

mommy & me

Splendid space dyed jersey jumpsuit $245
Topshop Moto Tilda denim jacket $75 Nordstrom
Leather Flip Flop $24.95 Gap
Seventeen Hip Pack $24.99 Herschel Supply Co.
Kate Spade New York Dear Valentine Love necklace $29 Lord & Taylor

Long flecked jumpsuit with pockets $29.90 Zara
Denim vest $26.95 Gap
Native Miller Slip On sneaker $30.00 Nordstrom
Survey Backpack $49.95 Herschel Supply Co.
Capelli of New York Striped Infinity scarf $16 Nordstrom

Friday, May 1, 2015

spring into summer

Happy Friday! I got this dress at Gap a few weeks ago, when I started to write this I looked online and sadly the only size still available is 12-18 months.  Sorry about that!  ANYway, here's a few ways to wear this spring and summer. 

Spring: jacket: Gap, shirt: Lands End, dress: Gap, tights: American Apparel, boots: Western Chief Summer: scarf: old, sunnies: Target, dress: Gap, bag: Gap, sandals: Salt Water Sandals

Friday, April 24, 2015

Mommies on fleek*

I thought I would share some photos of mommies who have style that I admire. What I love about Naomi Watts is her ability to be comfortable and still look pulled together. Easy pieces put together thoughtfully. I see quite a few trends-boyfriend jeans, Birkenstocks, printed pants, Vans & overalls. What can we learn from Naomi? Sunglasses, crossbody bags, comfy shoes and a hat will get everywhere! Who inspires you?

*isn't this what the kids are saying these days?

Friday, April 17, 2015

mommy & me: Lilly Pulitzer for Target

mommy & me

"These clothes make people happy. You feel happy wearing bright colors. It makes you smile. Who doesn't want to smile a little bit more these days?" @lillypulitzer

Mommy Satin Jumpsuit Boom Boom $38.00
Me Jumpsuit Boom Boom $26.00
Mommy Satin Dress Nosie Posey $38.00
Me Shift Dress Nosie Posey $26.00
Mommy Shift Dress See Ya Later $38.00
Me Shift Dress See Ya Later $26.00

Available @ Target this Sunday, April 19th!

Friday, April 10, 2015

how I shop

I love Nordstrom but for the most part they are out of my price range. I like to browse their kids collection to see what they are featuring and how they style their models (I do that at J.Crew too!) The other day I saw this Mini Boden sweatshirt and really liked it but at $38 bucks NO way!

I headed over to the actual Boden website to look for the sweatshirt (I kinda stalk their clearance section on the regular) and whadayaknow it's here! 40% off that $38 dollar Nordstrom price brings it in at $22.80! Boden clothes are really handmedown-able (new word I just made up there) so I don't think twice about a $23 sweatshirt. My only problem here is I do NOT like paying for shipping. EVER. 

SO. I head to google and search for "boden coupon code" to see if I can find a promo code for free shipping. I won't spend a long time doing this, usually I'll just try a couple different codes but I would say 8 times out of 10 I'll find one. Sometimes if I can't find a code for free shipping, I'll skip buying altogether (YES, HUSBAND IT's TRUE!!!) In this case I found a few different codes and gave them a shot! 

Success! It was a code for 15% off and free shipping.  I didn't get an additional 15% (but that's not unheard of) but I did get that free shipping I was looking for so I went for it! In the end I saved $15.20 not too shabby! Look for this sweatshirt on the blog soon, if this kind of post is helpful let me know and I will post more deals and codes as I find them!